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The Santa Barbara County Supervisors need to know why access to higher education is a crisis in our community and how responsible cannabis cultivation can be a solution. Fill out the information below to sign our petition. Submit a comment about your ideas on how cannabis tax dollars should be used to address college affordability.


I support expanding college affordability to all Santa Barbara County students. I recognize the dire need to address student homelessness, skyrocketing tuition costs, crippling debt, and student food insecurity in our county’s colleges and universities. These problems deserve immediate action.

Responsibly cultivated cannabis can and should be used as a solution to our community crisis. The County should use tax revenue from cannabis farming operations to fund college affordability grant programs to address these issues so that students have true access to higher education.

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Your comments are crucial. Write about why this issue needs immediate action AND/OR write about how and in what ways you think cannabis funding should be allocated in our County.